I write in order to revive all the words that I’ve been aching to say to you, that have died on my tongue.
M.O.W, Words I could never say
People sure do ask you a lot of stuff.

Yeah, i guess they do 

I really like to write poems and stuffs but i feel like im not good enough. I envy a lot of writers here including you because it seems like when you write, it just flows smoothly out and they turn out to be so fucking beautiful. I wish one day someone would also randomly send me stuffs and say how beautifully i write. But i guess that would be a long shot. Keep being the soulful writer that you are i love you xo

You’re good enough, just keep writing. I wrote for years and years. I started writing while I was just a child and I didn’t even know what love was. Don’t doubt yourself. Thank you love! x

I like this boy and I kinda messed around with his best friend. But only because I thought he wasnt intrested in me. & now that ive found out that he liked me. Im trying to get to him but he is being a complete asshole. He has goals and is goin far with his dream career soccer. I think he thinks that Im one of those girls who wants his money. But i love him and i opened up to him. What do i do. I still feel like he doesn't like me no more. He shows he cares but then pushes me away.

Well you could tell him what you told me, that you thought he wasn’t interested in you. Other than that, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to convince someone that you actually care about them.

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I'm so much in love with my friend. I just can't bear the thought of her marrying some guy that won't treat her the same as if she were to be with me. I'm having trouble on whether i should start cutting her off when she finds "the one" or if I should continue to have her in my life, even though it would make me heart sink to the bottom of the Earth as I watch her say I Do.

It’s up to you. I know how much that can hurt. I personally think it’s easier to just cut off that person. I’m so sorry baby, I’m so sorry and I wish that I could take away all the pain.

I love someone
and she doesn’t love me back
and I am going to spend
the rest of my life
writing about all the ways
that she could have loved me.
M.O.W, If only 


M.O.W, Together.

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M.O.W, I am so in love with you, god I am so in love with you baby and I wish that fucking meant something to you but it doesn’t and right now you’re probably sound asleep and I’m the one who is hurting but that’s okay it’s all okay baby I’ll hurt forever if that means you can sleep peacefully

M.O.W, I tried to convince myself that this isn’t your fault but you are the one to blame

M.O.W, Falling in love apart

It felt like one of those moments where the car crashes and the movie goes in slow motion. You get to see the inevitable tragedy coming, slow but it's not like you can stop it. The windshield glass shatters and suddenly the screen is black. He was the crash. I was the driver.

I hope you didn’t get too injured. I’m really sorry about the way things went. All that you can do now is wait for all those wounds to heal.

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I loved you.
I used to ache for you,
it hurt everywhere.
There were days
I thought I couldn’t
live without you.
Days where I thought
the pain of missing you was
too much to bear.
Some days, I didn’t think
I would make it.
But I did make it through those days.
I made it through missing you and wanting you and not having you.
I can’t say I made it through
loving you,
because I’m not quite finished.
I don’t think I ever will be.
I still miss you, sometimes.
When I see someone with the same eyes as you, or a stranger ordering your favorite drink.
But it’s not as intense anymore. There were nights where I could feel you in my bed but
you were never actually there.
I used to fall asleep
to the sound of your voice
playing in my head.
I swear, sometimes I would walk past the place you worked at,
just to get a look at you for a second.
I kept pictures of you on my phone and I dreamt of you when I went to sleep.
I spent my moments either waiting to be with you, or being with you. That was how I measured my time.
On days that I didn’t get to see you,
that day was just a waste.
I knew you never loved me,
I knew you looked into my eyes and you only ever saw a person.
I was too busy staring into your eyes and getting lost in space,
to even care that you wouldn’t ever feel the same for me.
I carved our initials into every tree and filled my notebooks with
your name.
I was crazy about you.
When someone asked me about my future, I always pictured you in it.
There was never a part of me that believed that I could live without you.
There was never a single piece of me that didn’t crave you.
It took so long to not miss you every second of each day,
it took so long to not find your face in the shape of a cloud.
Sometimes, I still ache.
It’s not as bad as before.
I haven’t moved on. I have tried, but I realized that
if I heard that you loved me,
I would come running to you with open arms immediately.
I love you and I always will.
It just doesn’t hurt as much, anymore.
M.O.W, A letter to the girl that I love more than anything (via imwritingpoems)
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The first time I laid eyes on you I did not think you were beautiful, you were just another girl with a pretty face. But after I felt the way your words entered my bloodstream and how your laugh made up for every empty space inside me and how your smile brought flowers back to life, I thought you were so much more than just beautiful.
M.O.W, I looked into your eyes and I think my heart forgot to beat
I think the sadness is
coming back.
I’m starting to recite poetry
in my sleep again,
and I can’t help but
cry in the shower.
I used to think that I could
stop being sad whenever I
chose to,
so I continued being sad
and when I tried to stop,
it was so difficult.
After you’re sad once,
I think it stays with you.
Even after all this time,
I still feel the sadness
coming up my throat.
I stayed up all night with
my head over the toilet
but nothing came out.
I don’t think you can just
vomit out sadness.
I remember when I woke up
one day,
and the sky was blue again.
I thought I had gotten
through this.
I thought that once I had
gotten through it,
it would be over forever.
But sometimes I still get very sad.
Sometimes my mother isn’t here
to hold me against her chest
while I cry myself to sleep.
It shouldn’t be like this.
I felt all the dust gather up
around my lungs.
I sat in my room just rotting,
slowly decomposing,
for a long time.
I think I’m going back.
I think it’s happening
all over again.
I think this sadness
is stronger than me.
M.O.W, I think the sadness is coming back


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