How do you know you are in love? Like your take on it?

I think I knew I was in love when I looked at her and knew I would do anything for her.

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Oh baby, have a nice day, yeah? I love you!

thanks doll!

That's what I wanted. You .. smiling.. But it would be nice to see you smile. I think I would fall in love with your smile.

omg i have no words, you’ve left me speechless 

The most beautiful words ever. "I love you" to the moon and back, I swear

you’re so adorable you just made me smile..again

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You sound so beautiful

i love you 

Your face was the first I ever loved. The first face I looked at and knew I would give up anything for. How do I walk away from that? How do I walk away from someone that I am utterly infatuated with? How do I walk away from a love so intricate, it destroyed me so magnificently but still left me to breathe?
M.O.W, How do l walk away from that?
I feel like my life has no purpose..

I felt like that for a very long time, and i think I can see the purpose now. Keep on moving, okay? I used to think the darkness would last forever but I’m starting to see the light and you will too

My day is lovely when your day is lovely :*

Oh my god you’re the sweetest! Much love xoxo

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I think your heart is so beautiful and you deserve to be happy. I'm so sorry that you love somebody who does not love you back.. and your poems are wonderful, but they do not rescue you from your feelings. Someday someone will make you happy.

oh my gosh thank you so much this means the world to me. I hope your day is as lovely as you are. 

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I'm so confused and so in love with this boy . I've always been there and when I broke it off multiple times he always runs back I hope that means he misses me too even tho I don't act like it because I don't wanna get hurt by him again. I hope that he misses me and still thinks about me and I know that's pathetic. God I love him so much but everyone says he thinks I don't care anymore.

He hurt you once, and he might hurt you again. The question is, are you willing to hurt for him? Is he worth it? If he is, tell him you care. If he isn’t, learn to move on. 

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How naive was I, to think that the love could cancel out the sadness somehow? I looked at you one day and instead of feeling sad I felt this kind of bliss in my mind, I felt the blood in my veins start to flow in a different direction. I thought the smile on my face would last forever, I thought the sadness had finally made its way out of me. But the sadness never left, it just waited patiently inside me as the love painted over it. I should have known that love cannot cure sadness. I should have known that a girl with eyes like an eclipse could not take away the continuous aching, but only numb it for a while. I’m sorry for turning you into a remedy. I’m sorry for thinking the words exiting your mouth could do something other than captivate me.
M.O.W, I’m sorry for thinking that love could heal me
Could you give me advice on loving two different people?

You’re in love with two different people? I guess at the end of the day, there is always one you love more. There’s only so much space in your heart, right? I’ve never been in love with two people at once. I’ve only been in love once and I’m still in it. I’m sorry if I can’t be of much help. 

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M.O.W Your name is always going to sound different to me I mumble that name in my sleep and cry that name into my pillow and scream that name into the sky and I have scribbled that name into my notebooks more times than I can recall your name is the only one that can make me ache and it’s my favorite word when I say your name I can feel my mouth tingling and when someone mentions your name the butterflies inside me are reborn there are so many beautiful names out there with such beautiful meanings but when I hear your name I think about the way your breath feels against my skin and nothing can ever beat that 

Don't b sad ur so nice and life is so nice I know it's hard don't give up think about a really soft blanket

thank you, I’m actually wrapped up in a  soft blanket right now 

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i am incredibly sad

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